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Nimble Real Estate Creates Quality Residential Models through Carefully Design 敏捷地产精益设计 打造精品人居典范

Beautiful landscapes play a miraculous role in enhancing the living quality of residential community, as it not only expands owners’ living space…


Beautiful landscapes play a miraculous role in enhancing the living quality of residential community, as it not only expands owners’ living space, but also delights them physically and psychologically. Nimble Real Estate always focuses on the living demand of owners and keeps improving the design quality of its developments constantly to create classical and comfortable residences.

Image of Splendid Gulf City


Recently, the Stage 9 of Splendid Gulf City in Zhongshan, a mature coastal and hot spring residential township developed by Nimble for nine years, has been fully upgraded. It offers a range of superbly designed theme parks comprising of Childhood Paradise, Sunshine Park, Reading Garden, Pet Paradise, Chess-playing Garden, etc. which quite gets people’s attention. The theme parks meet the new lifestyle of modern people and create beautiful and abundant habitat environment. It is also known that dynamic-static separation has been introduced into the overall design of stage 9 of Splendid Gulf City. Owners who are active can walk out to the dynamic zones such as Sunshine Park, landscape design lounges and children paradise etc., while those like quiet can read in the reading garden, art courtyard, chess-playing garden or enjoy the carefully trimmed ecological landscape with rich layers. What’s more intimate is the under planning landscape design of Stage 9 contains a pet garden as well, which includes pet runway, pet playground, pet game equipments that enable pets to sport about and have fun in the designated area and let the owners feast on the richness and easy life.


In recent years, Nimble has been improving its design skills while delivering quality homes to owners. In 2005, Zhaoqing Minjie City, a large urban complex developed by Nimble, was honored with 10th annual KINPAN award which is an authoritative, comprehensive and professional design award in real estate industry in China. In this April, Nimble Golden Coast in Yangjiang won “The Excellence Award of The Third Real Estate Design Competition in China” for its quality coastal resort resources and excellent design concept. All that rewards represent Nimble’s professional strength in the design of developments.


Nimble has been upholding the concept of “Build a Dream Home, Make a Better Life” and has built over 70 boutique developments under the brands of “Splendid” and “Nimble” in the selected sites of the core areas of the urban plan by working with excellent design firms in the industry. Tan Bingzhao, president of Nimble, said that an excellent enterprise should endeavor to create a livable and enjoyable habitat environment besides building cozy homes. Nimble will keep its words to provide the customers in fast-paced cities with modern and comfortable residences and create as high quality of residential models as possible!

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